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1. Mission of the site is a non-commercial Internet project dedicated to the symbols of Russia, coats of arms, flags. It was created for those who are interested and important in the history of their native land. Here you can find and download the necessary images of coats of arms and flags in vector format. The coat of arms and the flag is a kind of “name” of a city or some locality. It performs a seemingly simple task: it designates its owner by visual means, i.e. visually identifies him as a subject of law and a territorial unit. At the same time, the poor and magnificent filling of the coat of arms and shallow symbolic meaning determine the recognition of the coat of arms and respect for it. Respect for a symbol is determined by the reputation of its owner. Our symbols are the names of our cities and localities, which are judged not only in today’s Russia and the world. According to them, our descendants will judge us, and it is they who will have to assess how we treated our homeland. With this project, we want to ensure that the “names” (coats of arms) of our cities are always available and in good quality. The sections will be constantly updated with new emblems.

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Speaking about different countries, we mentally imagine either their coat of arms, or their flag, and less often – the anthem. So, Great Britain and France are famous for their flags, but few of us know what their state emblems look like. Russia, possessing a beautiful three-color cloth and a wonderful hymn, became famous, first of all, for its majestic two-headed eagle. The history of this proud sovereign bird goes back centuries. It is believed that the two-headed eagle has long existed in Russia as a sign of the continuity of the glory and rich culture of Byzantium, from which the Russians adopted Christianity. Russian citizens are proud of the State Emblem, flag and anthem. Not a single important event for the country can do without these distinctive signs of the country. To the music and the words of the anthem, under the unfolded State flag of Russia, cultural workers, scientists and athletes are presented with awards, young soldiers take the oath. This and much more is covered in this article.


We recognize the state by its coat of arms, flag and anthem. These are the most important distinctive signs of the country. The modern coat of arms, flag and anthem, adopted in December 2000, mean the independence of Russia and its international recognition. The cases of using the coat of arms, flag and anthem of Russia are determined by law.


The state emblem of Russia (download) is a red quadrangular heraldic shield, the lower corners of which are rounded, and the tip is pointed. On the shield is a golden two-headed eagle. The eagle’s wings are raised up and spread out. The eagle’s heads are crowned with crowns. In the center above them is a large crown. The crowns are connected by ribbons. In the right paw of the eagle is the scepter, in the left is the orb. On the chest of an eagle in a red shield is a silver rider in a blue cloak on a silver horse. Under the horse’s feet is a black dragon overturned on its back. In the hand of the rider is a silver spear, with which he strikes the dragon.


The national flag of Russia (download) is a rectangular panel made of stripes: the top one is white, the middle one is blue, the bottom one is red. The flag stripes of equal width are arranged horizontally. For the National Flag, the ratio of width to length is given as 2: 3. The national anthem is a solemn musical and poetic work; during the solemn performance, it is listened to while standing. At this moment, people turn towards the State Flag, men take off their hats.

Русский: Флаг Оренбургской области.
English: Flag of Orenburg Oblast.
Русский: Флаг Оренбургской области.

Download on wikipedia:

Download – Flag of Orenburg Oblast

Русский: Герб Иркутской области.
English: Coat of arms of Irkutsk Oblast.
Русский: Герб Иркутской области.

Download – Coat of arms of Irkutsk Oblast

Русский: Герб Амурской области.
English: Coat of arms of Amur Oblast.
Русский: Герб Амурской области.

Download – Coat of arms of Amur Oblast

Русский: Герб Оренбургской области.
English: Coat of arms of Orenburg Oblast.
Русский: Герб Оренбургской области.

Download – Coat of arms of Orenburg Oblast

2. Flags of our fathers movie

In 1945, the Marines attack twelve thousand Japaneses protecting the twenty square kilometers of the sacred Iwo Jima island in a very violent battle. When they reach the Mount Suribachi and five Marines and one Navy Corpsman raise their flag on the top, the picture becomes a symbol in a post Great Depression America. The government brings the three survivors to America to raise funds for war, bringing hope to desolate people, and making the three men heroes of the war. However, the traumatized trio has difficulty dealing with the image built by their superiors, sharing the heroism with their mates. —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Check IMDB:

Director: Clint Eastwood
Writers: William Broyles Jr.(screenplay), Paul Haggis(screenplay), James Bradley(book)…
Stars: Ryan Phillippe, Barry Pepper, Joseph Cross…
imdb: 7.1
Time: 2h 15min – 2006

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